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Urban Interior Design
Design Studio - Contemporary Interior Design
UX/UI Woman Wireframing
The Local Athlete - Label for Disposable Water Bottle

As a multidisciplinary design agency, we offer a holistic perspective of how the various aspects of your business fit together. We are here to help you visualize the big picture - sometimes this means simply looking at how your logo portrays your values. Other times this means helping you bring a product to market while laying out a roadmap for how your brand tells a cohesive story woven directly into your product packaging + website + retail space + tradeshow displays. 

Essentially, we design businesses. 

Your business is our business.

Product Design - Protoyping, Testing

At PENDULUM118, we provide INSIGHT & DESIGN services with a passion for creating great experiences. We work closely with small businesses like yours to develop products, brands, spaces, and services to help you connect with your ideal customers and keep you inspired.

We aim to inspire.


We seek out projects that matter.

Ones that start hard conversations, ones that push the boundaries, ones that make people think differently - these are the ones that get us excited. 


We are overachievers.

Our goal with EVERY project is to reach into the corners of your brain and pull out those thoughts you didn't even know you had and bring them to life. 


What we do is not about money.

We truly love what we do. BUT, if we both happen to make a little money along the way, we would love to invite you to join us for some retail therapy.  ; )


We genuinely love our clients.

No seriously, we seek out nice people that make our jobs, not only enjoyable, but help us cultivate a community of entreprenuers that have become our family

Rev. I, do Officiating - Whittney Ijanaten

Meet Rev. Whittney Ijanaten - owner and lead officiant for “Rev I, do Officiating” based in Los Angeles, CA - and one of our ROCKSTAR CLIENTS!!! 


As an internationally recognized ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), she specializes in affirming ALL LOVE. Because she is so great at what she does, Whittney was recently featured in the eight-part Apple TV+ docuseries "Gutsy."

We loved working with Whittney to craft a brand ready to be thrust onto the streaming stage.

Our clients are the real rockstars...

Gutsy - Apple TV+, eight-part docuseries, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton, Whittney Ijanaten

We are so proud to be able to say we are a part of this work.


We have had the honor of working with companies large and small all around the world. From non-profits like A Servant's Heart working to bring together local community resources - to large companies like The Market Element (A CG Life Agency), who works with life science and healthcare tech companies to market their insanely useful technology.

But seriously, our clients do some truly inspiring work.

As much as we stress great results, we also prioritize a process we can be proud of. In our initial consultation, we will work together to define project parameters to meet your business' unique goals. 

The way we work matters.

We get that running a business can be overwhelming. That's why we are here to help in any way we can. Reach out to get the conversation started and let us know how we can help!

Ready to talk?

"I am so glad I found PENDULUM118 to help kickstart my business. The detail and care they provided in branding my business provided exponential growth in a short amount of time. The full service approach and strategic design they provide is absolutely unmatched.  I will always go back to them to continue to grow my business."

Alex Love

Insight & Design for Entreprenuers

A Strategic Design Consultancy

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Urban Interior Design
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