Design in motion.

We practice STRATEGY, DESIGN, & DEVELOPMENT with a passion for creating great experiences through products, brands, spaces, and consumer interactions.



We use strategic design to move businesses forward.

Here at PENDULUM118, we are rethinking what design can do for your business. We are driven by the basic principles of a pendulum - a device created to facilitate motion.



We operate as an extension of your team - providing an expert perspective on your particular business challenges and coming up with appropriate innovative solutions.

We can help with analyzing business practices and goals, define markets and recognize trends, and identifying areas of opportunity, but we specializing in putting together all these pieces to provide you with better perspective on how to move forward.



Your vision is our roadmap! We are here to execute on your behalf and bring to life your brand, product, website, space, or however you interact with your customers. 

We are able to provide services including (but not limited to) file tweaks, site updates, sketching & rendering, 3D modeling, prototype development, tech packs, packaging files, sourcing and more. We are happy to work with you to clarify your needs if necessary.



Put our imaginations to work. Whether you have an idea of what you are looking for or not a clue, we are here to help you think outside of the box so you can stand out from the crowd and create memorable brand moments.

We are experts in various design methods to help facilitate innovation at every level of the process and in every sector of your business/organization.


Sometime we start with a collaborative workshop to help define the project scope and directions - other times we may just dive right in and start ideating around a central direction provided by you. Either way, we have the necessary skills & software experience to help translate your vision to reality.


Cream and Brown Photographic Beauty Site Launch Website (1).gif
Cream and Brown Photographic Beauty Site Launch Website.gif
Cream and Brown Photographic Beauty Site Launch Website (2).gif

Our work spans multiple industries and disciplines.

In our initial consultation, we will work together to define project parameters to meet your business' unique goals. This may mean a simple one phase logo refinement OR a complex multi-milestone project defining your branding, website, packaging, and helping to bring your new product to market.


Services are always customized based on individual client and project needs.


Start a new project today!


We envision a world where joy is a priority.

At PENDULUM118, we provide design consultation and creative services as well as pursue multiple independent ventures we are equally as passionate about. While we always strive to solve problems with each an every project, we see abundant value in doing things solely because they bring happiness. 

Our mission is ultimately to create opportunities for joy to grow.


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Our team is your team.

We are a team of passionate creatives handpicked to meet the needs of your project. We understand that each project has unique needs. This is why we utilize a network of expert freelancers allowing us the freedom and flexibility to assign individuals to projects based on deliverables. 

While we have diverse skills sets and are scattered about geographically, we are a tight knit family nonetheless. Our goal is always to use strategic design to inspire businesses and organizations to turn their ideas into innovative and impactful solutions.

Hi my name is Alesia! I have a background in industrial design, merchandise product development, and brand management with experience in major cities around the world.


After working as a freelancer for almost a decade, I finally decided to make the transition to agency so I could provide better support for my clients. I couldn't do what I do without the help of my fantastic team of designers, developers, marketers, and brand strategists.



On a more personal note...I’ve been known to get hangry, but don’t worry I carry snacks at all times - and yes, I will share :) I have a pet ferret named Ghost that is partial to Cheerios. We like to share these while watching crime and mystery shows with the lights on. I also have a less friendly ferret named Leeloo and an attention hog of a dog named Wade (Oh! and a fiancé named Jared;)).


Most importantly, PENDULUM118 has two youth designers in training (my two future step children)who would absolutely love to contribute to your next project! Thanks for taking the time to get to know me :)


Now that we’re so friendly, you can call me Ali (or Allen, Albert, or anything you want).

PENDULUM118 was founded and is run by Alesia Hoge, a Multidisciplinary Strategic Designer 

Alesia Hoge

Multidisciplinary Strategic Designer



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