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Boxing with Love was established in 2020. The gym is located in northern Colorado Springs by Coach Alex Love.

Coach Love has been directly involved in competitive boxing since 2006. She was an athlete on Team USA for several years, and has boxed as a professional fighter. She is an army veteran and a former police officer. She has coached hundreds of individuals from all different backgrounds. Boxing with Love was birthed out of her two passions: boxing and helping others achieve their goals. She now offers group and individual classes for both adults as well as youth students, with plans to expand offerings and double their physical footprint over the next year.

We have had the privlege of working with the company since its very inception. Initial projects included limited branding + website + promotional merchandise.

After three years of growth, the business is now in a place to revisit what has been done and explore the different directions it could go by identifying tangible business opportunities to further increase client base and customer retention.



brand, ux, insight, web/mobile, promotional merchandise, business strategy



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