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We do TONS of logo work. Why? Because a logo is the cornerstone of every business.

Your logo is the visual representation of who your business is - essentially, the “face” of your brand. A great logo grabs the customer’s attention while also conveying key things the you want your customer to know. In addition to fostering brand loyalty, your logo acts as the foundation of your brand identity and helps to separate you from the competition.

Occasionally clients request standalone logo work, but we highly recommend taking the route of the majority of our clients: development of a new (or refreshed) brand package encompassing both VERBAL & VISUAL IDENTITIES. By addressing your brand as a whole simultaneously, we are able to help you see the big picture and how all elements of your brand fit together.

See below for some of the brands we have had a hand in crafting, some of the steps in this process, and how these ultimately set the stage for cohesive brand packages.



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